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the Beyond

Echoes in the distance inaudible much too quiet too far into the darkness

consummating my inner being i do not choose I am whatever is written

Inescapable plot 

reality has holes to fall into rips tears pockets of terror
The creature lurks in the darkness waiting for that moment when reality
becomes illusion an illusion becomes real

The creature is unleashed and there is no remorse

Falling, slipping into the cracks

The pink clouds embrace the cold air

The moon reflects the image of a madman as starlight is swallowed by
the abyss 

green eyes stare with vengeance          carnage         split              splattered 

someone was here, no one is here          only the eyes                       the hollow

Imagine those eyes                        staring                                   seeing through the

Terror is warm and comforting 
                                  hidden in the darkness 

Buried in the earth                                      the warm, 

comforting earth  I submit


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