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cosmic obscurity

Cosmic energies radiate from all directions.
The sunís brilliance awakens me.
Sensations heightened, resurrection.
Nothing becoming nothing is the totality.
All of this I see at once beyond and through the obscure
as the madmen scream their intergalactic prophesies.
ďBeing saved, are you saved man?
Jesus is our savior man.
He tells me so.Ē  On the river bank looking west,
but facing east, standing on the edge between
becoming and being.
Time stops and I am the madman crying out,
ďIím alive,
but I will die.  Iíll be alive and Iím dead,Ē
not sure if this voice is mine
or just a voice from the void,
distant and tearful.
But somewhere beyond the obscurity hope awaits
along with those words, maybe and someday,
out beyond the faded gray that folds within the skin
that has long been scraped into the pavement.
The wind slides through as though nothing was there,
only whispers where once there was laughter.
But I am laughing as the moon
illuminates the purple water that surrounds me.
Everything flying apart.  We hold hands and fear not the
creature lurking beyond the darkness.
Terror becomescompassion.
And uncontrolled jealousy metamorphises.
Remembering everything at once until I forget.
Lying on a raft in a sea of sand,
and the sun is brilliant,
disappearing into ashes,
and ashes burning into a



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