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Life is a manifestation of energy and soul,
sometimes possessing solid matter and 
other times existing in planes beyond the
physical level of the universe. 
Reincarnation is the existence of different
sets of experiences working towards balance
and harmony. 
All life is interconnected in a web. 
As each individual must balance itself 
so must life as a whole. 
Positive action and moderation lead to
balance and harmony. 
Negativity leads to discord and upsets balance. 
Everything comes back times three. 
Negative action can only be countered 
by positive action. 
Reincarnation is not limited to one type of life.
 Transmigration and journeys into
other worlds and dimensions complete our
Often, these other levels of reality
interact with the reality we experience. 
Each experience gives us lessons, 
knowledge, wisdom
and insights in working towards 
universal harmony.



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